REIS – Get Connected MSA Asphalt Rally Championship 2013

Welcome to the 2013 REIS – Get Connected MSA Asphalt Rally Championship

In addition to REIS & Get Connected who enter their second year as our joint headline sponsors (it is actually REIS’ sixth consecutive year of involvement!), we have attracted supplementary sponsorship from Fuchs Titan Race, Millington Racing Engines, Mintex and Just Ferries, plus the various companies who put up awards, both on-event and at the end of the season.

Following on from the popularity of the 2012 series, which attracted the highest number of registrations for years, we have made a few changes, both to the calendar and the format, which we hope will find favour with you.

The ‘Competitor Survey’ we conducted earlier in the year indicated that the system of 5 scores from 8 events was the most favoured by you. Taking this on board, we have also added an extra element of choice by including a ninth round from which to choose a calendar that best suits your budget.

Henceforth, the top Championship-registered crew on each qualifying round will receive 30 points, giving an extra five drivers and co-drivers the opportunity to feature in the overall table on every occasion. In an attempt to encourage crews to maintain their support of the Championship through to the final round – in our case, the UTS Cheviot Keith Knox Stages – a coefficient of 1.25 will be applied to all points gained on that particular event.

Once again, thanks to REIS, Get Connected and a consortium of other businesses and individuals, each round of the Championship will be filmed by the team from Special Stage for subsequent broadcasting on Motors TV.

Don’t forget – you can register for the Championship either by completing the form (via the regs page on this website) or online by visiting

We look forward to seeing you during the season which begins in Llandovery for the Tour of Epynt on 10th March.

Kind regards
Championship Coordinator

Tel : 0121 313 1416 / E-mail :

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