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Kev Monaghan – ALMC Stages Update

Despite my best efforts to have the car ready for ALMC Stages in Dublin we are alas unable to compete on July 3rd, this is a huge disappointment but time and cash are limited so we will regroup for The Tyneside Stages on July 2nd at Otterburn Military Ranges.

Having made some important changes to the car after our last trip to Isle of Man, I’m pleased to say we have just about got the car sorted. The Proflex suspension and differential have been serviced and rebuilt we also have a new motorsport heated screen. The inner cv joints are no longer available so we need to purchase new shafts with an inner spline that is available off the shelf but the lead time is 4 weeks, I am hoping to have them mid-July.

Following IOM we had the car at Croft for the Princess Trust charity and helped to raise thousands of pounds as part of the “Super Car Experience”

Having had the suspension and diff fitted to the car I also had a day at Nissan test track for a charity event in aid of Guide dogs for the blind, this is truly an awesome day taking blind and disabled people out in the car there’s nothing quite like it.

Once again thank you for your support if there is anything I can do to help promote your company please get in touch I’m open to any suggestions




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