Doroszczuk solves oil crisis

Paul and Julian Doroszczuk have solved the mystery of why their normally-aspirated Cosworth engined Escort Mk2 was losing so much oil on the Bet On Aces Manx National Rally – and are now looking forward to fulfilling a lifelong ambition to rally in Belgium, when they contest the next round of the Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship, the Rally van Wervik (9 June).

The Drockspeed Motorsport brother’s car used up to 2.5-litres of oil on the Friday night stages. The initial assumption was that possible worn valve seals were the culprit, and that these would be resolved as part of the planned engine rebuild at the end of the season.

On returning home the engine was found to have used another 2.5-litres on the Saturday stages as well – possibly indicating something more sinister. Paul’s suspicions were proved correct when a compression check found cylinders one, three and four gave consistent readings of 200 lbpsi, with cylinder two reading zero! The possible cause might have been water getting sucked into the cylinder on the very wet SS2 and causing ring damage.

This makes the result on the Manx National even more impressive, as they managed to finish 26th overall with only three working cylinders or put another way around 70bhp down. It also begs the question of where Paul and Julian might have finished if they’d been on full power around the Isle of Man roads.


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