The 2018 Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship Scrutineer, Geoff Doe, will be giving regular updates in Scrutineers’ Corner – specifically designed to inform and help registered competitors on technical issues.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via the Championship Facebook page, and we’ll ask Geoff for expert clarification.


Post 1 – Plumbed in fire extinguishers
Both hand-held and plumbed in rally car fire extinguishers have to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer. This must be done by the manufacturer in order for them to be valid. This has to be maintained every two years. As from 01/01/2018 not 2019 as it states in the Blue Book.

Post 2 – Don’t weight until it’s too late!
The Championship’s Eligibility Scrutineer, Geoff Doe, will be bringing a brand new, highly accurate, set of weighing scales to each round of the 2018 Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship. Competitor cars can (and will) be randomly pulled and weighed at any time during any event – this is purely to ensure fair play across all of the classes and by no means intended to catch anyone out. So please don’t get caught out – make sure your rally car is within the required legal weight limits at all times!<