Rally van Wervik – a truly home from home event!

23 crews from the UK contested Rally van Wervik in 2017, and for next year the organisers are going all-out to make it even easier for British crews to participate in the event, with the appointment of English speaking staff and a set of regulations that will guarantee ALL registered 2018 Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship competitors and vehicles will be allowed to compete.

The Belgian event is a round of the Flanders International Rally Challenge (FIRC) – a championship specifically designed for non-Belgian crews – and it is also classed as an ‘open’ event in the RACB calendar, meaning crews from any country can participate. Despite rumours, Darrians (and any other vehicle eligible for the Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship) will be allowed to contest Rally van Wervik, providing they have a UK registration certificate, an MSA vehicle passport, a valid MOT certificate and a valid insurance certificate.

Event organizer Filiep Forrest has appointed a new English-speaking secretary and employed experienced English-speaking co-driver Eddy Chevalier (who has navigated for the likes of Pieter Tsjoen) specifically to deal with Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship enquiries – and every Championship registered crew entered on the event will receive two meal vouchers worth €30.

The event’s website, www.scuderiavervica.be, is currently being translated into English too. Rally van Wervik on June 9 is shaping up to be a truly fantastic round of the Protyre MSA Asphalt Rally Championship – a real home from home event on the challenging Flanders stages.

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