Asphalt Asides 2014 – Edition 1

2014 logo SmallAs 9th March and the Tour of Epynt draw  ever closer, we  look  forward  to  the  start  of  the  2014  REIS  MSA Asphalt  Rally  Championship and  wonder  if  we  can maintain  the  levels  of  competitiveness  achieved  last year when, with only the final round to go, there were still four drivers in contention for the overall title.

We welcome those of you who have already registered for this year’s Championship and, whilst it is possible to sign up prior to the start of the Tour of Epynt, we would recommend  that  you  do  it  beforehand  as,  for  obvious reasons,  it’s  always  rather  hectic!  You  can  do  so  online at

The purpose of this newsletter is to outline some of the Championship’s  bits  &  pieces  in  advance  of  the  first round  as  inevitably,  on  the  day,  your  attention  will  be focussed  on  the  rally  itself.  We  hope  you  find  the following useful but, if you have any questions, please call us via our contact details below.

On  registration  you  will  receive  your  BTRDA membership  card.  However,  don’t  worry  if  it  hasn’t arrived  by  the  Tour  of  Epynt  as  I  will  be  on  hand  to confirm  your  membership.  The  card  carries  both  your BTRDA  Club  membership  number  and  Championship registration  number  (drivers  start  with  a  9  and  codrivers with an 8 – e.g. 9001, 8001).

Signing-On before each Championship event is a very important process for us. It is primarily to identify which Class, Category & Group you will be running in on any particular  round.  These  details  are  then  fed  into  the results system prior to the production of Championship points and, so, we need to get it right. All you have to do is declare your class eligibility and tick a fewboxes – nothing  too  arduous  but,  nevertheless,  vital  to  the
correct allocation of championship points.

Of  course,  the  other  purpose  of  signing-on  is  to  meet up, hear how things are going and generally enjoy the Championship year with you. It’s also an opportunity to hand  out  replacement  decals  and  discuss  any  issues you may have.

We are very pleased that  REIS are continuing in their role  as  headline  sponsor  for  the  seventh  consecutive year.  With  their  very  valuable  support,  they  have helped  to  raise  the  profile  of  the  Championship, particularly  in  relation  to  the  TV  coverage  of  every round.

REISREIS are  motorsport  insurance  specialists  for  car  and motoring  enthusiasts,  as  well  as  the  Motorsports Industry.  Their  friendly  personal  service  provides tailored  products  for  your  own  individual  needs.  They don’t just provide insurance for competitor vehicles but probably  areas  of  your  motorsport  life  you  have  not even  considered.  So,  if  you  want  to  know  what  REIS can do for you, just visit their website at or call 0115 965 1020.

Championship  decals  have  now  been  posted  to  all registered  drivers  as  at  19th  February. With  them  is  a letter  explaining  exactly  where  they  must  be  fitted to comply with the Championship regulations.

The  purpose  of  the  decals  is  two-fold  –  firstly,  to recognise the significant contribution each sponsor puts into  the  Championship  and,  secondly,  to  identify  your car  to  the  TV  crews  when  they  are  filming  on  events. Without the screen strip, your car will not be considered
for  possible  inclusion  in  the  programme  for  that particular  round.  Decals  will  be  available  at  the Championship Signing-On desk on each event.

Ensuring  that  competing  cars  meet  their  eligibility requirements  as  set  down  in  the  Championship regulations  and  the  MSA  Competitors  Yearbook  (Blue Book) is an important part of any Championship. To do this,  cars  may  be  randomly  selected  at  the  end  of  an event  for  conformity  checks  to  be  carried  out  by  the Championship Eligibility Scrutineer.

No-one should be concerned if they are asked to attend such checks as we would much prefer to confirm your car is correct than find a  problem. However, the onus lies  with  the  individual  competitor  when  it  comes  to eligibility  and  it  is,  therefore,  important  that  you  know what regulations your car is required to comply with. If you have any doubts, please contact the Championship Eligibility Scrutineer.

One  common  mistake  is  the  failure  by  competitors running  Group  A  or  N  cars  to  carry  an  original  (not a copy)  set  of  the  relevant  homologation  papers  in  the car  at  all  times.  By  not  carrying  them  or  having incorrect ones,  you risk not scoring any championship
points on that event. A simple job, but often forgotten!

Motors TV LogoFollowing  on  from  the  successful  TV  coverage  of  the Championship over the past couple of seasons, Special Stage  will  again  be  providing  coverage  of  all  eight rounds of the Championship on Motors TV.

Filmed  and  produced  by  the  experienced  MC-Video company,  led  by  Wayne  Goldring,  the  programmes, running  under  the  title  name  of  ‘Special  Stage’,  will appear on Motors TV throughout the year, including an end of year review in December. The  programmes  have  been  very  conveniently scheduled  to  run  on  Friday  nights  and  the  anticipated schedule is as follows :

Tour of Epynt   Friday 21st March – 10pm
Manx National   Friday 23rd May – 9pm
Jim Clark National  Friday 13th June – 9pm
ALMC Stages  Friday 18th July – 9pm
Tyneside Stages  Friday 15th August – 9pm
Mewla Rally   Friday 5th September – 9pm
Wexford Stages  Friday 26th September- 9.30pm
Cheviot Stages Friday 21st November– 9.30pm
Season Review TBA

Any  changes  will  be  advised  in  future  editions  of ‘Asphalt Asides’.

If,  for  any  reason,  you  miss  the  programme,  the recordings  will  be  available  shortly  afterwards  on  the Championship website:

The  programmes  will  be  going  out  sooner  than  in previous years, giving the team less time to edit them. Special Stage always want to make them as extensive and  entertaining  as  possible  and,  in  order  to  achieve this,  depend  very  much  on  information  received  from you  both  during and after  each event. Therefore, they would love to hear from you with snippets on how your day went and any particular incidents or dramas. They will also consider taking film coverage taken from  your in-car cameras. Contact: and  there  is  a  form
to fill in on their website:

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